The Nightmare is named after the terrible dreams suffered by those that see it.

The terrifying Nightmare is the elemental of Hellfire, born from the combination of Fire and Dark. A hellish steed made from fire and ash, it glistens with blood and has teeth as sharp and serrated as rusty knives. The Nightmare is a terrifyingly effective carnivore, hunting humans, animals and other elementals with equally ravenous hunger.

The main weapon of the Nightmare is fear. Any creature that lays eyes on it is immediately filled with terror, reliving their very worst moments and deepest fears in a flash of panic. For several days, weeks, or months after seeing a Nightmare gallop through the skies on a trail of cinders and ash, most people suffer terrible nightmares.

Any sorcerer with the courage to climb onto the back of a Nightmare will gain control of the steed, becoming able to harness its hellish powers. Unnaturally fast, the Nightmare can gallop through the folds of reality with ease.