In their vaporous form, Nimbuses are incredibly large.

Nimbuses are the elementals of Cloud, born from a recombination of Water and Air. Vaporous beings that drift through the skies above, sifting and swirling in creamy whirls of vapor, they rarely interact with the affairs of the world below. When they choose to condense themselves into a smaller shape, they often appear dreamy and distracted, although altruistic and kind.

Every Nimbus interacts closely with the Astrals, and often a nimbus will have several friends among the stars. Artistically gifted, the Nimbuses often use their own bodies as paint and make the blue sky a canvas, creating beautiful shapes and signs that are incomprehensible to the mortal eyes below. 

The aeriel realm of Celestine is protected by a cohort of twelve Nimbuses known as the Olympi, each one of them named after one of the archaic human gods of ancient Greece. They take a form similar to marble statues representing their Olympian, even though they are made of a much more vaporous substance.