Winter and Summer forms.


Spring and Autumn forms.

Nymphs are Demi-deities of Earth, the daughters of Atlar and one of his Dryad lovers. Powerful and capricious, they embody the beauty of the wild. Their exact number is unknown, but it is certain that along with their Satyr brothers they are the most elusive of the Fae

Nymphs have a natural talent with the manipulation of Life magic, as well as inheriting the raw power of Earth from their father. Gifted with a direct link to the heart of Petra, their realm, Nymphs change their shapes and talents based on the season. It is not uncommon for a nymph, especially in the Spring form, to seduce mortal men and conceive a hybrid child; these rare children are known as the Elves, and they inherit the traits of their mother based on the form she had at their conception.

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