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Oriel manifests as a celestial djinn

"I am the whisper of the breeze. I am the ether of the clouds. I am the majesty of the skies, the howling of the storm, the caress of the wind. I am Air."

Goddess of AirEdit

Oriel is the Deity of Air. She is the Goddess of inspiration and creativity, and sometimes called the Cloud Muse. Oriel is a temperamental goddess, but a highly active one, often involved in the affairs of the mortal world. 

Oriel is also the Queen of the Djinn, presiding over them from the cities the Djinn built far above the clouds. The rumors say that they are carved from gold and porcelain, and that the halls are always full of the most beautiful music known to djinnkind.

Oriel has often been present in the war against the Others, sending the Djinn to protect the mortal world under the cover of storms. Myth and legend says that she even faced Lilith in a duel, and almost lost her life.