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Phosphoris is the living essence of the Silver Wilderness.

"I am the glisten of the snow. I am the silver of the night. I am the thrill of freedom, the joy of disarray, the whisper of instinct. I am the Full Moon."

Phosphoris is the Deity of wilderness and freedom, the antithesis of her twin Vesperius, and one of the Lunar deities. She embodies the excitement of chaos and the freedom it allows, as well as the force of the thriving Silver Wilderness.

She is worshipped by the Lucen as their creator and mother deity, the opposing force to the darkess of the Nocten and the cruelty of their mechanical, methodical minds.

Phosphoris and Vesperius were created when the heart of El fissured in a moment of self-doubt, when the difference between Light and Dark first became aparent. As the cracks spread, the six Elemental Deities were born from the shards, but despite her limited power compared to the full-blown Elemental Deities, Phosphoris is the only being of Light capable of using chaos and disorder to further freedom and virtue. 

Some consider the Lunar Deities to be the missing link between Dark and Light, and that were they reunited with Apollion and Mephisto, they would allow them to reach a common cause.

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