The Planetars are empowered by the other celestial bodies in the solar system.

Planetars are Cosmic beings similar to the Astrals and the Chronals. They are the embodiments of each of the planets in the solar system of Earth, created by the rippling power of the Nexus that gradually infused shards of celestial matter with life and consciousness.

Planetars come in varied types, each based on the celestial body that they originated from. Often, they watch the Earth in a similar way to the Astrals, and unlike the Lethan or the Chronals they have no direct celestial charge or reason to intervene.

They do however often align themselves with the protectors of the Nexus. Very rarely Planetars will fight alongside agents of the Secrets in the defense of the world, especially those that originated on the surface of Earth itself. Planetars all possess unique abilities based on their origin. Another trait is that in their true form, most Planetars are quite large, reaching up to ten meters high. They often use their abilities to become a more practical, human height when interacting with sorcerers however.

Types of PlanetarEdit

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