Pyris is as beautiful as it is dangerous.

Pyris is the realm of Fire, the home of the dragons and the dominion of the burning goddess Ishtara. Formed from elegant halls carved out of magma and volcanic rock, it is also full of gems and gold, the hoard of a thousand dragons that have collected treasures over the ages. Pyris is known as the realm of heroes, for the dangers it presents, and is an often sought destination by those seeking the favors of the Goddess of Fire. 

Pyris is ingeniously constructed, the flows of magma passing through it serve as lighting for the corridors and carvings. Incredibly dangerous for mortals, it is the preferred realm of many beings related to fire, for the freedom it offers. In the heart of the realm the palace of Ishtara is entirely surrounded by a roiling lake of magma, which the dragons call Mother's Blood.