Renard De Stelle
Name Renard De Stelle
Race Kitsune And Human
Birthday March 16th
Age 19
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status

Name:Renard De Stelle

Race: Half Kitsune and Half human

Affiliation:None yet


Renard is a friendly person who has a passionate love for the arts. Like all kitsune's he has a taste for mischief but he knows when to stop. He has a adventurous nature and wants to see the world. Renard also is gentle and kind but can be cruel and cold toward people who give him reason to be. He also has an insecure nature when it comes to his appearance and doesn't like people staring at his ears or touching them because spathe staring makes him nervous.

Physical descriptionEdit

Renard is a 19 year old Kitsune/human who has a slightly pale skin tone with light blue eyes and short straight spiky white colored hair and white fox ears. He also has the canines of a fox and sharp nails. He usually wears black trench coat with a hood over a white shirt and red jeans.


Renard was born from a Kitsune who was in disguise as human and a female human sorcerer. Sadly his mother died after he was born because of blood loss.Being forced to raise the child alone his father raised him in the guild of Venice. He grew up loving the arts of music and writing and wanting to travel the world and join a secret that felt right to him. So when he turned 16 he told his father he would be leaving to travel and that he'd come back and visit.His father gave him a Kitsune mask to wear and a pack of throwing knives and a katana to defend himself since He just recently discovered his magic.His father told him if he ever need help is to go where Kitsune are usually found and they will take him in since kitsune's may trick people but they will take any of their kin in even if their not fully a Kitsune. So Renard decided on heading to the Temple of Baset because he always heard rumors of its beauty and wanted to see it.


Abilities of Kitsune such as illusion

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