The Revelers of Rot were an ancient group of sorcerers, born at first from a group of druids loosely connected to the Children of Morrigan. Using a combination of the magics of Life and Decay, they gained the ability to proliferate at incredible speed, raising the dead in a way that was both truer and more permanent than the sorcery used by the Fallen.

Rapidly they outnumbered the Children, and as such separated themselves from the core of the group. They gathered and grew, spreading hyphae of influence across the world, until the dead of every Secret were swelling their ranks. Their considerable power was, for the space of a few years, almost solely responsible for keeping the Others at bay. Over time, however, the other Secrets grew guarded, nervous, realizing very rapidly that if the Revelers were to turn against one of them, they would not stand a chance. And their power was steadily growing.

It was the Temple of Bastet that first insisted upon the intervention of the Deities. Rapidly joined by other Secrets, the tension erupted into war within the space of a few days, and within months the Revelers were fighting all six of the Secrets and most of the Deities. Atlar was the last to join the call, but when he did so his intervention proved the most effective; dampening the power of the Life magic the Revelers relied on so keenly, he reduced the speed and deadly efficiency of their growth and recovery, allowing the tides of the war to turn again.

Apollion eventually banished the remaining Revelers to the deepest pit of the Abyss, expecting that for how instrumental they were in the conflict against the others, Lilith would rip them to shreds. He was mistaken, however, as she granted them not only solace, but a world to proliferate on, and a higher Other impossibly tied to Life magic rather than destruction. She was grooming them for the day they coul return to the world, seeking vengeance and what they saw as their rightful place, a newly-formed deity at their head and the full weight of the Abyss behind them.

Now that day has come.

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