A Seal. Collect these to unlock Rewards!

The Rewards system allows users of the wiki to access special character types as well as weapons or Elite status in their Secret. Admins will give users Seals when they show good practice in Roleplaying, and a tally will be kept in the forums page. When a user wishes to spend their seals to unlock new content, they can come here to see the list of rewards!

Please post a comment on this article to request what you wish to buy. Your Seals will then be taken off the record and we will answer your comment with permission to use what you wanted if you have enough Seals.

Good practice in Roleplaying includes things like being a fair player in RP fights, writing longer, descriptive posts and answers, showing awareness of your character's strengths and weaknesses and being polite and respectful to other players as well as your admin team. Seals may also sometimes be available through forum roleplay or events.

For three Seals

  • A Talisman of partial protection against an element of Magic.
  • A weapon of your choice made from Darkglass.
  • A Pheonix heart (can be used by a character to bring another back to life).

For five Seals

For seven Seals

For nine Seals

For twelve Seals

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