Quill scroll and ink by mp3designs

The words of a Rhymer are a force to be reckoned with.

The Rhymer is a member of the Triad in a Secret . Ellusive and playful, Rhymers have reached a status of being so intertwined with the Nexus that they can shape magic in almost any way they see fit, by writing it into a spell. The condition, however, is that the spell must rhyme, hence their name.

Due to the nature of their abilities, Rhymers have no powers other than their ability to write spells. 


Spells are fickle things, and must be handed with delicacy and an eye for detail. Every possible alternative must be considered, because in magic , when something can go wrong, it always will.

As a result of this, Rhymers must be exceedingly careful and clever. Spells are not something to be taken lightly, but they can accomplish almost any purpose.

An important detail, however, is that a spell can never be undone. Once magic is cast, it's done, and final. The Rhymer must live with the consequences, no matter how painful they are.

Fallen SecretEdit

The Rhymer of the Court of Versailles was a kindly and playful sorcerer known as Ayden. In the battle that destroyed them all, he died by channeling the entire Nexus through his body, unleashing waves of magic that turned several hundred Others to dust. He is the only known sorcerer to have survived channeling the full potential of Magic and he survived approximately six minutes with the raw power of the elements surging through him.