Mage duel nature and destruction by gjaldir-d7dyidd

Despite their common fealty to the Nexus, Secrets have been known to war over the Babylon Pact.

Rogue Secrets are organizations of Sorcerers that not only refuse to sign, but openly defy the Babylon Pact. They reject the notion of bureaucratic organisation in Magic, though they still use and rely on the power of the Nexus. Most of the Rogue Secrets even cooperate temporarily with Babylon when fighting the forces of the Abyss and the Others, but otherwise they tend to follow their own devices. Rogue Secrets do not tend to possess Triads, and usually have only one leader or none at all.

The Rogue Secrets are impossible to classify as one group, and each is unique in their behaviors and powers. The most powerful of them does have some form of authority and respect among many of them, however. Though it has no official name, it is usually known as the Twelfth Spell.

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