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Saturnine absorb the energy of those that they touch.

The Saturnine are a form of Planetar created when swirls of the gasses of Saturn were coalesced and infused with power by the Nexus. Dark beings, especially for planetars, they are reclusive and prone to isolation. When hunting for energy, however, Saturnine are ruthless and particularly deadly.

Their unique ability is Drain, formed from a combination of Dark and Water. Any living creature that comes in contact with their skin rapidly loses energy, becoming exhausted, powerless, and eventually dying. Though the Saturnine are immortal and do not require this energy to survive, they have a tendency to enjoy the experience much in the same way that a mortal would enjoy food. They savor the 'taste' of certain kinds of individual and sometimes descend to Earth merely for the pleasure of the feed. 

It should be noted that despite their somewhat intimidating abilities, Saturnine often side with the sorcerers in their battle against the abyss. Like many Planetars, however, they can be unreliable, even dangerous, allies.

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