Satyr Piper

Satyrs are beguiling tricksters.

Satyrs are the sons of Atlar and one of his Dryad lovers, the brothers of the Nymphs. Wild and rambunctious demi-deities of Earth, they are renowned for their gifts with music and their talent for wild magic. As opposed to their sisters who embody the beauty of nature, Satyrs are the incarnated forms of the power and joy of life. As such they tend to be enthusiastic hedonists, spending more time piping or drumming their days away than striving to defend their allies. Satyrs are rarely seen without a wild grin and a mad spark in their eyes, and any fleeting disappointments they may face are rapidly swept away by a lewd joke or quick melody.

There is a darker side to satyr nature, however, one that may not be obvious at first. The wild heart of these beings drives them to amuse themselves at any cost, sometimes negating the comfort or safety of others, and satyrs are amateurs of surprisingly dangerous fun. The shard of madness in their hearts will sometimes drive them to hurt others or lose control over their revelries. Few people realize how dangerous 'fun' can become when a satyr gets carried away.