The Scribes are fond of riddles and tricks.

The Scribes of Hammurabi are the Elite sorcerers of the Gates of Babylon. An ancient order of Sorcerers that have sacrificed their spark of the Nexus for the power to invoke the sacred glyphs carved into the Codex of Hammurabi, they are also and more commonly known as the Sphinxes.

The Black Stone of Hammurabi (also known as the Codex of Hammurabi) is an obelisk of basalt containing a shard of divinity that fell from the heart of El Itself. Covered with thousands of enchanted glyphs in the sacred language of Babylon, the Stone infuses the sphinxes with the power to invoke the world-shaping powers of the One God through the use of the glyphs carved into its surface.

An ancient and exclusive form of sorcery, glyph magic is knowledge jealously guarded by the Sphinxes. Being in the presence of the stone will gradually wear the mind and soul of any human until they become a Sphinx themselves, strange beings with an insatiable hunger for codes and puzzles. Though Sphinxes can revert to a more human shape, they keep traces of their true nature; slitted eyes, feline paws, or even vestigial wings. When the Scribes use the magic of the Black Stone, they use their golden claws to carve the glyphs of their choice into the air or any surface that can hold them. It should be noted that the use of glyphs greatly tires the Sphinx. Some have drawn parallels between the magic of Hammurabi and the powers of the Rhymer.