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Each Secret is ruled by a council of three, the Triad.

A Secret is a group of sorcerers  who defend the world (and the Nexus inside it) from the ravenous invasion of the Others. A tightly knit group, every Secret is presided over and guided by a group of three sorcerers called a Triad. 

Anyone can join a Secret, because every creature has the potential to learn magic. The new members are taken to a connection with the Nexus and given the opportunity to choose their beginning element. The members of a Secret are chosen carefully, and the actions of a group of sorcerers are entirely kept in silence in the eyes of the outside world. Ritualistic and often very ancient, each Secret has its own name, motto, and headquarters. 


Each Secret is ruled and protected by a Triad of three, who have been given a rank and a talent more difficult to master than most. Every triad is composed of three designated members; the Rhymer, the Alchemist, and the Lorekeeper.


Every individual Secret uses an enchanted headquaters, a place caught between time and space that is accessible only to them. A pocket reality, it can be entered only through the use of magic specific to each Secret, which mostly takes the form of portals.

The heatquarters are generally where the sorcerers meet, and are supposedly protected from all Other attacks.

Existing Secrets:Edit

All Secrets are based in a particular place, and derived from the culture of magic in that specific area. The six Primary or Original Secrets are the most powerful, each one corresponding to a particular element of Magic.

  • User-Established Secrets: