Serpents can grow to terrifying sizes

Serpents are a manifestation of the cunning nature of the Abyss, reptilian horrors with the patience of a deity and the intelligence of a fiend. Elite members of the Others, they are only rarely seen on Earth, but when they do step from the darkness they lay waste to entire Secrets , and sometimes entire cities.

It is assumed that the first Serpents were the result of abyssal magic corrupting dragons, turning some of them into abominations.

Serpents have the ability to manipulate the magic of the Dark, as well as natural strength granted to them by their sheer size and power. An old serpent can easily be the size of a small building, and for their size they are surprisingly fast. Serpents also have the ability to release a blast of pure abyssal energy from their throat, in waves of rippling darkness that consume the very fabric of reality. They can also take a human form if necessary, with milky, pale skin and completely dark eyes.

Unfortunately, Serpents have very few weaknesses. Covered in armored scales, the only place one could hope to puncture them is under the neck and stomach, where the skin is weaker. It is easier, however, to trick a Serpent into a battle of will and defeat it through cunning. Serpents have a greed and lust for gold they can't ever quench, and tempting one with large quantities of precious material could lead to it thinking twice before it attacks you.