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The Seven Hearts spell is used to gain control over a group of people.

The Seven Hearts spell is, surprisingly, a spell of White Occultism, although it is undoubtedly the darkest spell in that school of magic. Relying on the use of seven hearts carved from marble, it draws upon symbols and planetary associations to gain control over the minds and emotions of seven people.

The names, dates of birth, and true names (a concept in occultism detailing a hidden name of every person that holds the core of their identity) of seven humans, sorcerers , elementals or others are inscribed into the hearts, along with septagrams of control and persuasion.

The incantation is then recited, and the hearts of those affected by the spell glow with a soft golden light that can be visible through their chest. As long as the marble hearts are intact, the seven controlled people have no free will or emotions aside from those that the occultist who created them allows.