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The Sons of Mars are aggressive warriors.

The Sons of Mars are an ancient Secret that originated in Rome. They are formed solely from male sorcerers, who believe that women are unfit to use the power of magic. The Sons worship the aggressive god of war known as Mars, or the Red God, and through rigorous training become almost unparalleled at physical combat.The Sons have even developed their own kind of magic, the extremely violent ability of manipulating metal itself.

A metal-manipulating Son is known as a Spartan, and they wield armor and blades that change during the fight, fluidly becoming what they need next, solidifying in milliseconds into a thousand kinds of fatal weapon.

The Sons are extremely misogynistic, disapproving of women using the abilities of magic because they believe them too weak minded to master it or use it with ambition. Their sworn enemies are the Daughters of Hecate, who represent exactly the opposite values. The Sons live in legions, moving from one battle to the next, and their is a fairly large percentage of homosexual tendencies in their ranks.


The Centurions are their Triad, and are chosen mainly for their skill in battle and strength in the field. Expert strategists and potent warriors, the three of them have defeated incredibly powerful enemies through a combination of brute force and battle tactics; for now, every battle they fought together has been won.

Alexandros: The Spartan Rhymer known as Alexander is called the Emperor by his troops, mainly for his authority in battle. One of his specialties is a spell of his known as the Gordian Knot, which involves twisting several filaments of metal through the skin of his target and knotting them together inside their body. This causes a particularly painful and sometimes very slow death.

Brutus: Brutus is known as the Executioner, and he is best known for the black book he constantly wears on him. The name of every person he has killed appears in the pages of the book, making him a primitive form of lorekeeper. Brutus is extremely vicious and terrifies his own men almost as much as their enemies. Legends say he killed one of the previous Centurions, his own father.

Hephaestion: Hephaestion is surprisingly mild for a Son of Mars, and tends to be more of a self-effacing tinkerer and Alchemist than a bloodthirsty warrior. He is formidable in a fight, however, as he is the most efficient at the skill of manipulating metal through magic. He can create and move most metals at his will, bending and warping them into what he chooses.