8855 Bastet

The Clergy of Bastet are focused on hedonism and pleasure.

The Temple of Bastet is one of the most ancient of the Secrets, tracing its origins back to the great Empire of Egypt. Born in Thebes from a group of mages dedicated to the study of Earth magic, the Temple is centered around the mythical figure of the cat-goddess Bastet.

Representing pleasure, hedonism, and enjoyment, Bastet is a deity of indulgence and beauty. The members of the Temple believe that Magic is an art form and should be treated as such, and that the main purpose of sorcery is to cultivate an elite society with a comfortable life, presiding over lesser mortals.

This world view is often criticized by other Secrets, who feel that the Temple has wandered too far from its original purpose of defending the Nexus, but the clergy of Bastet are not to be trifled with. Possessing ritualistic powers and spells much more intricate than most Secrets, they have even developed their own type of magic, including werecat sorcery and spells focused on sensuality and physical pleasure.


The Triad of the Temple revolves around a female central figure with two male consorts, who are also the secondary members of the triad. Traditionally the woman with the highest authority is named the Goddess, and her previous name forgotten until her death.

-The Goddess is currently the Rhymer of her triad. A goddess trapped in human flesh, she is as mysterious as she is beautiful. Her very presence is said to be enough to make the heart of anyone yearn with desire, to the point where looking at her for too long is said to be dangerously hypnotic.

-Imhotep The Architect is the Alchemist of his Secret, although he spends much more time maintaining the Temple. A clever man with unparalleled abilities in construction and mechanics, he has created several machines of war for the Temple that are feared by all.

-Thoth the Scribe is the Lorekeeper of the Temple. A strategic and intelligent man, he writes all of the Temple Lore on scrolls of Papyrus which are then hidden in-between the stones. Legend has it that there is more forgotten knowledge on magic hidden in the Temple than anywhere else in the world.



-"Beauty Is Power."

Elites Edit

The elite members of the Temple of Bastet are the Wardancers.