Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army is an unstoppable legion of warriors, disciplined and patient.

The Terracotta Soldiers are the Elite sorcerers of the Porcelain Council. Created through a series of complex rituals that burn away all Human emotion and empathy and calcify the flesh, they are beings of pure willpower that live only to serve the Porcelain Empress.

The number of Soldiers in existence defies imagination, and hidden vaults all over the Asian continent contain hundreds of thousands of them, awaiting only an order from their generals to awaken and march from beneath the Earth. The rituals that transform sorcerers of the Council into soldiers strip away the vulnerabilities of flesh and skin, turning them to automatons of hardened clay. Reinforced ligaments and veins still hold the parts of their stiffened bodies together, and most people are surprised to note that when wounded, the Soldiers do bleed; infused with the same clay-based magic as their transformation rituals, the blood eventually heals the cracks and fissures they develop over time.

The nature of the Soldiers leads many to believe they are slow and sluggish warriors, and the afterlife is full of violently killed souls who made such assumptions. The Council relies on the force of wind magic, and the Soldiers move with a grace and speed that would be the pride of any Djinn. Incredibly efficient and quick, the Soldiers are difficult to destroy, wielding weapons made from hardened ceramics.

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