Terrans are rare, but they are the fiercest defenders of the Nexus among the planetar.

Terrans are a form of Planetar created on the Earth itself, by ripples of Nexus magic infusing the very substance of Earth with sentience and magic. Ancient and determined, the Terrans are particularly skilled at the manipulation of Earth and Water, which they combine into the unique element of Quake; the ability to shake and fissure the very ground beneath their foes.

Fierce protectors of the Earth, the Terrans are often dormant until the presence of the Others becomes too much of a threat for the sorcerers to combat alone. In these cases several of them awaken from age-old temples as the last wall of defense of the Earth.

Several Terrans are contained inside the walls of Babylon; though their power is dormant and they are sealed inside ancient chambers, their presence alone is strong enough to form a barrier that forces back servants of the Abyss.

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