Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.38.09 PM

The Crucible, in its inactive state.

The Crucible is a creation by the famed Alchemist of the Court of Versailles, Vitalis Lieu, based on designs by an Astral. Invented as a mechanism to convert Others to the energy of Magic, its creation was originally designed to make the Pale Serpent no longer necessary for the Secrets, so that he could answer for his crimes during the fire of Babylon.

After the accused fled and vanished, the Crucible was kept hidden by its creator, who chose not to share it with the secrets until the serpent was safe. During this time, however, the Crucible was stolen, and its inventor was converted to The Masquerade

Due to its ability to make an army of Others aligned to protecting the Nexus, the Crucible is an incredibly valuable tool to both sides of the war. The Masquerade are currently using it as a way of maintaining brinkmanship, threatening the Others with its potential use and the Secrets with its potential destruction.

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