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Once a benevolent Alchemist, the Defiler was corrupted by the promise of power

The Defiled is one of the Abyssal Three, the most powerful Others and those that lead the attacks against Secrets. Once a benevolent Alchemist of the first generation of sorcerers, he was corrupted and seduced by the abyssal entity known as Lilith. He now represents the most determined and bloodthirsty enemy of his kin, and will stop at nothing to destroy the Nexus and feed it to the hungering Abyss.


Nathaniel was once a talented Alchemist and an exceedingly formidable sorcerer. Even as a protector of the Nexus, he chose to use Dark magic in an effort to sate his hunger for power.

After his corruption by the Abyss, his proficiency with black magic was only increased. He is still capable of using his alchemic capacities, a vestige of his days as a sorcerer, and as such he frequently uses enchanted or cursed weaponry, as well as deadly poisons and virulent toxins. His most notable weapon is Inktouch, his blade, which he uses with terrifying skill.


Inktouch is Nathaniel's weapon, an ornate silver sword with a blade as black as night, as if forged from crystallized shadows. A single cut from the blade releases a subtle black venom that seeps through the victim, slowly robbing them of their free will. There is no known cure for this, and no spells or potions have ever spared someone affected by it. Rapidly, the veins of the victim blacken as if they are filled with ink, and they furiously attack their old allies until they are imprisoned or destroyed.