Spitpaint the magnificent maze by abigbat-d7142z6

"And those trapped within its twisted halls, shall stumble through a thousand corridors, To be lost, and found, and lost again, For the Labyrinth is without End."

The Labyrinth is a twisted realm of madness and confusion, built by the Fomorian king Daedalus, more commonly known as the Mad King. An insufferable and infinite Abyssal dimension of coiling corridors, hidden trapdoors, impossible sights and confounding riddles, it stretches through both horizons as a terrifying expanse of gunmetal grey.

The legend claims that despite the horror of the labyrinth, it was built by the Mad King as a token of devotion for a consort-slave of his, as compensation for the fact that his kind cannot love. Fomorians are devils when they are angered, but it seems that affection spurns them into building wondrous constructions of purest cruelty. When his consort spurned him the Mad King locked himself inside his own labyrinth, vanishing in its iron halls, and nothing was ever heard of him again.

What is left of his people and kingdom were warped and twisted by the evil of the Labyrinth, becoming the Denizens, those that gave into its madness turned into the Minotaurs. There is no way to predict what pocket of the Labyrinth will open next, and an infinite sea of possibilities is held between its misty walls. In some parts of it, gravity flows upwards; in others, pale trees glisten in glades filled with strange moonlight, laden with poisonous fruits. The Labyrinth has its own spirit and mind, and it often tempts the beings trapped within it with images from their past or future, their warped desires, their darkest secrets...

Rumor whispers that something even darker lurks in the Labyrinth, a being of power that could rival even the Deities, a creature so monstrous and horrific that none can look upon it and live. No one that has entered it has ever left alive, falling prey to the ever-present silence and the twisting, turning halls that go on...


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