This devilish cult is a group of savage children who sneak through the night in search of other children to abduct and add to their numbers, usually only orphans or street urchins. This group of murderous children is lead by a mysterious and enigmatic child simply refereed to as "Pan", who never ages and has the ability to fly according to some theories. This cult seem to only include human children that in range from ages 6 to 16, although specific accounts have stated that Elementals may be among their ranks.

"Never-land" and "Hook" Edit

According to popular belief the boys follow Pan as a way to go to a place called "Never-land". Stating "If we do good and listen to him, he will take us there. We will be able to play all day with no adults to stop us!", however this is sadly not the case. After a child among the cult turns 16 Pan takes them to "Never-land" by killing them slowly and painfully. The process begins by paralyzing the child by feeding them cake laced with poison, hereby referred to as "Fairy Dust". Then he moves on by tearing open their rib cage to expose their organs, he then eviscerates and plays in them after removing their heart. Maybe he is just mad, or maybe this is the secret to him never aging, nobody knows for sure.

Whenever the children in this cult step out of line or break the rules, Pan always begins to refer to a man named "Hook". His supposed arch-nemesis and greatest foe. Always saying "Now you lost boys be careful, if you don't stay with me then "Hook" will get ya. He will take you away and you will never go to Never-land! You will be all alone and in the dark for ever and ever." This seems to work on the children for the never stray to far from Pan. Many speculate about "Hook"s existence and identity. Was he once a Lost Boy, who saw through Pan and escaped? or is he just a simple boogie man, made up to whip the children in line?

Currently known members Edit


Pan is always accompanied by a Fae simply refereed to as "Tink". Tink resembles a small fairy out of a basic fairy tale, small with thin butterfly like wings and emitting a golden and calming light.  Being a Fae she can take any shape or size but she never seems to change or leave pans side.  Tink is the one who supplies Pan with "Fairy Dust" and corroborates his story of Never-land. Many wonder what this Fae gets out of the deal, or why it chooses to stay so close to Pan.

"Pans Shadow":

Aside from the Fae "Tink", Pan is followed by another creature simply called "Pans Shadow". Not much is really known about this creature, aside from it being the manifestation of Pans corrupt and wicked soul. Supposedly, his "Shadow" came to life after Pan was cursed to never age. This curse drove the boy mad and lead to the creation of this sinister cult.


Pan is the leader of this cult and an idol to all who meets him. He is cool and charismatic on the surface but underneath all of that he is vile and manipulative. He hides his murderous intent, and trick the members into causing extreme harm to themselves and others, especially adults.

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