Masks Trifaccia

The symbol of the Masquerade, a Trifaccia mask.

The Masquerade is a faction of neutral creatures that call themselves "monsters" -often rogue Others, sorcerers or Elementals of darkness. Influential and manipuative, the leaders of the Masquerade are three gorgons; triplets known as the Kardias.

The financial position of the triplets allows them quite an influential position within the world of Humans and that of the adepts of Magic. They bought their independence from the war between the Abyss and the Nexus with the kidnapping of three influential members of the Court of Versailles and the powerful machine known as The Crucible

They use this power to keep themselves in a constant state of brinkmanship with both Secrets and Others; just powerful enough to be a threat, yet not enough of one to be worth an attack by full-blown force.

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