The People are adepts at the magic of spiritism.

The People are an ancient Secret native to the arctic seas of the north. Formed by sorcerers with a talent for the manipulation of ice and snow and the power of spiritism, they have beenn reclusive and nomadic for thousands of years. The encroachment of the forces of the Abyss into their seas has in recent years forced them to fight back, joining the Babylon Pact in the defense of the creatures of Magic.

The magic of The People works in mysterious, unpredictable ways. Most members of this Secret have ties to the spirit, or 'breath' of an animal, close enough for it to be not only their spirit guardian but a possible form; many sorcerers of the People can shift themselves into the shape of their spirit animal and back again.

Though nomadic, The People have ties to a specific part of Greenland where it is said that the first sorceress with the power of spiritism, Sedna, was born. The rumors claim that after teaching her magic to the first members of The People, she slipped into the sea and was never seen again.


The triad of The People consists of the three leaders of the three main clans; before they chose to form a single Secret, they did not have a unified ruling body of three. As such, the three members of this triad have equal power and are in fact normal sorcerers, as they have not yet decided to have an Alchemist, a Rhymer, or a Lorekeeper alone.

Akna: Akna is one of the few sorcereresses of The People with the ability to control the element of Life. Her prowess over the manipulation of plants and animals allows her to provide food for her Secret when the harsh environment will not do so alone. She does not have a spirit animal.

Amarok: Amarok is a famed hunter and warrior, and his spirit animal is a large, gray wolf. His most feared ability is to transform into one himself, and he keeps a pack of domesticated wolves with him. He is often cold and sometimes cruel.

Tizheruk: Tizheruk is a sorcerer with famed power over the element of water, and his spirit animal is a sea snake. He has the ability to transform into a gigantean sea serpent himself, a terrifying trait which has earned him both the respect and the fear of The People.

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