The world is in peril. If the Secrets are forgotten, the Others will slip through the dark to crush the fragile works of civilization between their jaws.

We can't fight this war alone. We need you.

This Roleplay community is set in the world of the Secrets. To join, don't hesitate to read up on the Beginner's Guide pages here! The Roleplaying takes place on the chat, on skype or on the message wall and blog function if you wish to write longer posts. On occasion RP also takes place in the forum section.

As sorcerous factions battle for supremacy, the world is increasingly endangered by the onslaught of the darkness beyond... open your eyes to the forces of Magic and take arms to defend the Nexus! Or perhaps you would rather be a slavering Other, servant of the hungering dark, or an Elemental  being caught between both sides... the possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours!

There is a Skype channel where part of the roleplaying takes place. To be added to it, request ignited.spark as a friend with a message specifying you wish to join the Secrets channel.

Roleplay Generators

Here are some generators you can use to create roleplay settings and situations for interactions with other players;

'Social Encounter Generator'Combat Encounter Generator
What are Secrets?

A Secret is a group of magic-users and sorcerers, fighting against the Abyss with all the strength they can muster. Slipping between the cracks of reality and oneiric chaos, we fight a war in silence, to win or die for the protection of all reality. 

Everyone has the potential spark. Anyone can use magic. Ignite yours, help us, defend the world you live in... or watch it putrefy when we fail. The choice is yours, and no one can make it for you.

Choose your Allegiance
Primary Secrets The Court of VersaillesThe Children of MorriganThe Gates of BabylonThe Porcelain CouncilThe Temple of BastetThe Guild of Venice
Secondary Secrets Emerald ConclaveTengu CartelJotunn TribeChurch of KaliDaughters of HecateSons of MarsTales of SheherazadeFeathers of the SerpentServants of the EmpireThe People
Rogue Secrets Twelfth SpellRevelers of Rot
Faith Cycle
To whom do you swear fealty?

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Seals and Rewards!

Across the site, excellence in roleplay or community spirit will earn you a Seal, which can then be spent on the Rewards page to buy limited items, character options, and access to closed settings and areas. During the Ember Bazaar, seals can be exchanged for unique items and powers or begin Bazaar storylines!

Seals are recorded on this thread which contains further information.

Current Lunar Phase