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The Symbol of The Seven Paths

The Seven Paths, also known as the Balancers, are a group of people dedicated to keeping the balance of nature, good or bad. This group was created over thousands of years ago and has kept the balance of nature in secret. They are a multiracial group allowing any race to join them if they are worthy. The new generation of this order are much more lenient but that does not mean they will not be merciful if you upset the balance on nature. The positions of leaders and not easily chosen, but recently the 7th element ETHA has been unable to have a leader worthy of the position to be the leader of the element of the soul.

There are seven leaders within the group all proceeding over one of the six elements.


Fire-battle-air-magic-master-of-the-elements-Favim com-482999

The Balance must stay intact

We are Truth

We are Lies

We are the Light in the day

We are the Shadow in the night

We are the keepers of peace

We are the balance of Nature

We are were we are needed

We are The Seven Paths!


Each leader is bound by a blood oath to they Seven Paths, There duty must always come first.

Fire Leader:Edit

Farnir: The leader of fire and brand new member of the Seven Paths. He was brought into this order and trained for it since he was very young. Because of his fire heritage, Farnir has a natural ability to control fire. Farnir has not got the full idea of the Seven Paths yet so the more elder and experienced ones sent Farnir to travel with his brother on a quest and tell no one about the Group.

Water Leader:Edit

Dean: Dean is the leader of water within the group and the youngest at the tender age of 15. People wonder why Dean was accepted into the group, by which the eldest member answered that he saw so much potential within Dean. As the newest member of the group he must yet take the oath but when he does he shall become one of the best water leaders the group has ever seen.