The members of the Twelfth Spell are identified with a silver coin, and greet each other with a kiss on the left cheek.

The Twelfth Spell is a Rogue Secret, almost as old as the Gates of Babylon, though it is much more secretive. Very little is known about this organisation other than its members are and always have been thirty in number and that it is based in Israel. Rumors claim that this Secret first came about when a great paragon of the Nexus, the only Sorcerer able to channel the essence of El and survive unscathed, was betrayed and subsequently murdered by his Secret. Dissension in his twelve followers after his death lead to conflicting accounts, and the Twelfth Spell was a resulting faction aiming to destroy the founders of Babylon.

The explanation for the name of this organisation is unknown, as is their main motive, although they are widely considered to be the most powerful and threatening of the Secrets that actively reject and oppose the Babylon Pact. The six Primary Secrets often actively hunt and execute those that carry the silver coin of the Twelfth Spell, and are always seeking information as to the whereabouts of the group's presumed leader. 

Sadju CercisEdit

Sadju Cercis is a powerful sorcerer who specializes in the magical manipulation of heat and clay, and one of the only Sorcerers able to control all four Primal elements of Magic. The only confirmed member of the Twelfth Spell, he is ellusive and something of an urban legend among most pact-abiding Secrets. Some claim he is their leader, but others consider this too easy; what remains certain is that he is the only Sorcerer openly willing to admit his allegiance to the Spell.

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