Spirit soaring

Unicorns are enigmatic creatures of light and darkness.

Unicorns are possibly the most mysterious and enigmatic of the elementals, those of illusion. Combining elements from two opposed forces, Light and Dark, they are reclusive and almost never encounter humans or sorcerers.

As creatures of illusion, unicorns can distort the senses and perception, creating images or impressions as vivid and convincing as reality. The presence of a unicorn can affect the tastes, sounds, feelings, sights, and scents that any creature perceives. The unicorn can weave the world into what it wants the other person to see, no matter what it actually is.

This makes them extremely powerful and extremely prized, because a wand carved from unicorn horn will give the user the same ability. Mages of illusion often spend years searching for a unicorn to perfect their craft or subdue the creature, but almost always fail. A unicorn has been used as a steed only once in recorded history, carrying a young maiden from a burning forest in England before it vanished once again.

Some legends state that to attract a unicorn, one must have (or be) a young maiden and go into the deepest parts of the forest, always holding a pomegranate. This is said to attract unicorns.