Dream big. Dream looming. Dream a force that is so beyond you in scale that you mistake it for the world.

   Blood Moon rising! A wondrous event where there will be no magic save the occultists is on the horizon and looming in fast. Get ready, lovelies~ Will your character survive? 

We've already suffered a tragic loss. The RP verse mourns the passing of Corven Phalaar, who died in battle.

   As of today we're introducing a few new characters too! 

·Araceli Grace


   In the meantime, Are you achieving your fullest potential? Are you finding the right solutions for your challenges? Are you making the most of what you’re given? Do you believe in a Smiling God?

Of course you do! We all do. We must!

Well, what if I told you the Smiling God was smiling more than ever? What if the Smiling God had a smile so wide that you could see yourself in its mirrored teeth? And what if I told you that your gauzy reflection looked perfect – just perfect? You would like that.

Of course! We all would. We must!

And what if I told you your perfect self hated your imperfect self? And as the Smiling God smiled wider, you could see a tongue pressing through the teeth – thick, and pink, and gray, and wet.

And what if I told you you could see your imperfect self in the shining sheen of the bulging tongue? And in your reflection you were slack and sallow? And maybe bleeding. A lot.

Bleeding so much!

And what if I told you you could kill your imperfect self?

What if I told you you could achieve your fullest potential?

Believe in a Smiling God.

Believe in your perfect self.

   And as always, until next time, Lovelies. Until next time.

x X x

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