Hello, Lovelies! Another day, another RP, another chance to reach out and commune with you visually.

Its been a few days since we began to speak with you directly, without any filters or reinterpretation in the way, and we have forgotten all about anything any of you might have done.

Like the recent behavioural issues with a certain Aeriel Willow.

I just strongly dislike dealing with things like this. It just makes you want to, not smile. To not smile hard at all, when people work against productivity that way. Oh well, we found him out soon enough! We find everyone we look for. We're just fantastic at our jobs! 

Speaking of cheerful productivity! We have quite a few fantastic new additions to our wiki and RP verse as of today! Isn't that great? 

First of all, a brand new Secret has been added! The 7 Paths , courtesy of Damon Salvatore173 . Be sure to read up on that, loves!  

Equally marvellous, There are also new characters to be seen and heard!  



Can't wait to see them in action!  

know all of you had an absolutely magnificent day! Keep that up! Make that an unbreakable habit. Let it consume your entire existence. Drown in it. 

And as always, until next time, Lovelies. Until next time.

x X x

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