True beauty is on the inside, where everything is red, and glistening, and full of practical organs and sharp rocks. 

Welcome to this wonderful blog I've got here! 

Hello, loves! You look nice today! 

This is an assumption, but it is a safe assumption. I am positive you look nice. 

Yes, a very safe assumption! Probably the safest of the many, many assumptions I’ll make today.

In great news today, we've got two absolutely fantastic additions to our growing plethora of characters!  

·Rina Manami

·Hiroshi Miwa

Also, in recent events, User:608673 has been effectively banned.He was found accountable on multiple instances of being disrespectful, mean-spirited, inciting arguments, insulting other Users, and all around breaking down the state of morale in the chat room. 

He will not be returning.

Today I was promoted to Chat Mod! Yay! How exciting, right? I can only hope to continue to do my best at being cheerful, fun, and productive. I want nothing more than to better this magnificent wiki, to help it grow and reach its full productive potential!

I also would like to bring to light a great little idea User:SuperEliteJordan has taken the time to express via his first blog post! Feel free to check that out, Lovelies! You shan't be disappointed.

Got something to say? Need to say it?


Never made sense of what you are, who you were, who you will be? 


Do you forget sometimes about your own skin, your own hair, or other people’s hair and skin? Can you make more hair, more skin? Do you need more hair and/or skin? 


Are you satisfied with it all? Do you see it all? What room are you in? What room do you want to be in? How big is your room? 


Have you ever said a thing inside your brain, and then sent it to your hand to move a pencil to write it into symbols onto a paper, which used to be a tree, and then used your eyes to translate those symbols back into the thing you just said inches away in your brain, and then re-said it with your mouth into an ear? Whose ear was it? 


Ever eaten things that made you think differently? Breathed things? 


Feel things? Felt things? 

Reflect on that, love.

And as always, until next time, Lovelies. Until next time.

x X x

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