Aeriel Willow

  • I live in Fort Dawnguard, Riften, Skyrim
  • I was born on December 8
  • My occupation is Psychic
  • I am Male
  • Aeriel Willow

    Race: Human

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual 

    Height: 6 ft 3 inches

    Weight: 11 stone 3 pounds

    Eye Colour: usually red

    Hair Colour: Blue

    Family: None

    Mental State: Stable-ish

    ===PAST' ===

    Born and raised in England. He was a sickly child, born with a condition on the Asperger’s spectrum. His parents left him at an orphanage when he was 3, feeling too overwhelmed with it all. When he was 14 he was signed up on some project, to sort all that out. The group was 15 children, male and all with the same affliction as him. The tests involved drugging the children and putting implants into the children. Of all 15 he was the only survivor.

    ===PERSONALITY ===

    Kind and sharing. He hates it when people are being unkind and will be unforgiving.


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  • Aeriel Willow


    June 22, 2014 by Aeriel Willow

    Name: Navi.

    Race: Fae.

    Age: 16 years old.

    Gender: Female

    Height: 4 foot 2 inches

    Weight: 120 pounds


    Navi has wings made of a crystal like material.

    Eye Colour: Blue

    Hair Colour: Blue

    Family: None

    Mental State: Stable

    Navi was born in Petra, (home of Atlar) and was raised there till she was about 12 years old. She left Petra because she wanted adventure, not the honeyed life that comes with living in Petra. She has now spent 4 years on Earth and has yet to meet people with magic…

    Navi is a loving Fae and will help people as much as she can, when she can; as long as it doesn’t compromise her identity. She doesn’t like to fight much, but will if her life depends on it. Navi is also a renowned troll to adventurers by annoying them so much, causing them…

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  • Aeriel Willow


    June 22, 2014 by Aeriel Willow

    Name: Akkarin Race: Demon

    Affiliation: Secrets & Abyss. He fluxes between the two.

    Power: Dark

    Looks: White hair and violet eyes. He wears all black clothing.

    Personality: Usually a kind hearted fellow but will fight whoever gets in his way.

    Past: He grew up in a small rural village in Haiti learning about different herbs and magics. When his home was burned down, he left in search of a new home. Only to be burned at a stake in England for practicing witchcraft. After that he became a Demon.

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  • Aeriel Willow


    June 22, 2014 by Aeriel Willow

    ==Alexis Daemon Bloodbane.' == ==Name: Alexis Daemon Bloodbane. ==

    Race: Succubi, Abyssal entity, Fallen Angel.

    Affiliation: Secrets, Pale Serpents.

    Age: Twenty.

    Gender: Female.

    Height: Five, Four"

    Weight: Light.

    Eye Colour: Blue.

    Hair Colour: Black.

    Family: Tsuki Itsuki, Faer Emerald, Daethis Itsuki 

    Mental State: Stable....ish.

    ===Past' ===

    Alexis was created by a magical orb, Blight, Aeriel, and Daetherius together. All part of one consciousness.

    ===Personality.' ===

    Alexis is immensely kind, she is loving too, but at times she can get really mad at people, because they pissed her off. Most times she is warm to people, trying to help out, she is very loving.

    ===Abilities.' ===

    §  God killer: A weapon that can change form, and only works for her and her childr…

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  • Aeriel Willow

    I made this for my charcters theme songs!

    Akkarin ( Angel Beats ) :






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