==Alexis Daemon Bloodbane.' == ==Name: Alexis Daemon Bloodbane. ==

Race: Succubi, Abyssal entity, Fallen Angel.

Affiliation: Secrets, Pale Serpents.

Age: Twenty.

Gender: Female.

Height: Five, Four"

Weight: Light.

Eye Colour: Blue.

Hair Colour: Black.

Family: Tsuki Itsuki, Faer Emerald, Daethis Itsuki 

Mental State: Stable....ish.

===Past' ===

Alexis was created by a magical orb, Blight, Aeriel, and Daetherius together. All part of one consciousness.

===Personality.' ===

Alexis is immensely kind, she is loving too, but at times she can get really mad at people, because they pissed her off. Most times she is warm to people, trying to help out, she is very loving.

===Abilities.' ===

§  God killer: A weapon that can change form, and only works for her and her children. (NOT ADOPTED)

§  Abyss Teleportation: She can teleport to the Abyss whenever she pleases.

§  Dark: She can use dark magic.

§  Fire: Alexis can use, fire magic, and hellfire magic.

§  Tsuki teleportation: Alexis can also teleport to Tsuki whenever she pleases, because they are connected by mostly all bonds.

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