Subject 002-SJ or Mercer


Race: Human

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual 

Height: 6 ft 3 inches

Weight: 11 stone 3 pounds

Eye Colour: usually red

Hair Colour: Blue

Family: None

Mental State: Stable-ish

===PAST' ===

Born and raised in England. He was a sickly child, born with a condition on the Asperger’s spectrum. His parents left him at an orphanage when he was 3, feeling too overwhelmed with it all. When he was 14 he was signed up on some project, to sort all that out. The group was 15 children, male and all with the same affliction as him. The tests involved drugging the children and putting implants into the children. Of all 15 he was the only survivor.


Kind and sharing. He hates it when people are being unkind and will be unforgiving.




Hell Fire

Implants, the implants put into his body allow for a range of different abilities. Including: Changing Eye Colour, Changing Arm Strength (punch through walls to only able to pick daisies), Higher Jumping, Enhanced Information Processing, Eidetic Memory.

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