Amkash Nayare: Gargoyle

Gargoyles are Adept flying creatures created to hunt and kill Fae-kind. The are skilled at flying and have razor sharp claws made of iron. At a moments notice a Gargoyle can take the form of a statue and freeze solid. They can stay in this state for hundreds of years. A gargoyles one weakness is that it is living stone and once it is broken it cannot heal.

Alliance: Neutral Evil Other

Appearance: Amkash is a black gargoyle, meaning his usually grey skin tone is as black as night and smooth as marble. His Iron claws are large and mangled but sharp as a razor. He has a set of claw marks along his face as if he has been through a serious fight. The horns on his head are also chipped and cracked slightly defining his age. His wings are large and tattered and adorned with clawed armor plating but not enough so to hinder his flight. 

Back-story/personality: He is an old gargoyle and is very wise in the ways of the world. After his years of servitude to the Formorians of the abyss he has learned much in the human world and tends to stay neutral in most situations. Some say he is one of the first Gargoyles to ever be created by the formorians but that is just speculation. He tends to be very kindhearted when most other races are involved but has a deep rooted hatred for Fae-kind. He likes to live a laid back life and to do things at his own pace but is not heartless and lazy. He will on occasion go out of his way to kill a Fae or help another if they are truely in need. He is level headed and can be cold and unfeeling when a situation may endanger him or those he has formed bonds with. He is a taticion at heart and like to have a plan but if Fae are involved or he is very upset he can act irrationally. As an other he has a dislke of the secrets and soccerers but sees no reason they cannot work together peacefully if possible, if not just co-exist letting eachother alone.

Mantra: "I see no reason why I would harm any who isnt a Fae. Even if i was harmed by, say a human, i could just take it out on the nearest Fae."

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