This is the blog concerning the user Aerial Willow and his Adminship, or to be more exact, the poll upon the front page concerning it.

Aerial Willow has, time and time again, on two wikis, proven himself incompetent when it comes to the position of Adminship. As a most recent example, he outright lied on the main chat in the presence of multiple users about Mai Chiyo's "spamming of the AFK button." Mai Chiyo has "chathacks" on his personal browser, allowing his to change aspects of chat on her end of the chat. This means that his chat screen, and only upon his browser, he can display various colors, fonts, and at will make his chat icon display an "afk" status. The main chat is not affect in any way, and, unlike what Aerial Willow proposed, no message is displayed on the main chat.

Along with this, he has (upon another wiki, the AoNoExorcist RP Wiki) defended a user who had been insulting and attacking Mai. Aerial Willow has also been both immature and disruptive to the roleplay, once playing as a Non-player chracter who drove up to the other characters in a Mini-van, threw bags of marijuana at them, then proceeded simply drive away. He has also broken the fourth wall many times, with his own self interacting or killing character, literally bringing himself into the role-play. 

Another example, recently found, of him not taking the Wiki nor the Role-play here seriously is this:

[12:45] <Aeriel Willow> *A random teenage boy runs across their field of vision, yelling* LET'S GO FIST THAT BIRD! WYAH!
[12:46] <Skarletscarab> i have no idea what that means 
[12:46] <Aeriel Willow> I know, unfortunately...
[12:47] <Skarletscarab> what does it mean?
[12:48] <Aeriel Willow> The act or art of putting a fist in an ass or vagina, requires great care and huge amounts of lubrication.
[12:49] <Aeriel Willow> e.g. "Last night, Sheila wanted me to fist her. I love fisting her."

Found in a chat log of June 15th, 2014.

These are the major reasons why the Admin team believes that Aerial Willow is unfit for adminship. He does not take her place as admin nor her place on this wiki seriously. 

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