Greetings, all users of The Secret Role-Play Wiki. I have an announcement to make. 

First off, concerning the user 608673: I do apologize for my actions. I took the interests of the wiki in heart, I assure you, when editing your page. I hope that we may somehow reach an agreement concerning the Knights of Hell. Perhaps a poll, to see which version people prefer, to be done at some point.

Secondly: I would like to apologize to any users I have either offended or annoyed due to my actions as Administrator. I am, I will admit, quite harsh in the world of administrative actions. For this, I have reasons. Largely because on previous wikis I have administrated upon, there were gross violations rules that often required bans of a week or more.

Thirdly: I am prepared, if need be, to step down from not only an administrative position, but use of this wiki should the users and administrators decide it best.

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