• Don't you guys know that every time someone says something bad it's like taking a scoop of your damn self esteem and then throwing it on the floor!
  • It's nothing big people say, it pushes people
  • To the bottom line, then up a elevator to the top floor for one last good feeling, then they get pushed off.
  • Then they fall, remembering all the times someone did something nice
  • Its like… something so fragile, then one bad word someone can accidentally push you.
  • You drop that thing, then it cracks
  • Never being the same again.
  • All people think it is just something they can buy back, or give you something else
  • Then they learn that thing was special
  • It was a part of you… like the cracks in that thing you have is you...
  • You are it, it is you, they are the same.

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