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  • SuperEliteJordan

    Ok this is just my idea of a event that we could use of course I dnt expect a instant use but just mabye a use in the future.


    The blood moon is back with its magic-blocking powers and now people have become sick and green and even becoming cannibles that are now called "immortui"  and they have invaded. There bites can transmit the sickness but for some reason some are immune to it.

    Now the only chance humanity has is to run and try to survive while also solving the puzzles the mystery is causing and before the blood moon ends or all current zombies shall stay that way for ever……


    Nice idea right? I thought it would be a way to just buy some time for a new event idea or even be a event itself.I also think there could be blood stains an…

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  • SuperEliteJordan

    Please remember this is a blog I am welcome for any new idea to take away or add on to this species attributes.

    Shadows are a lesser-form of demons that normally fight as a pack.

    They can attack in two ways :

    1: They can mold together and become one stronger fighter

    2: They are naturally made of a liquid known as Liquidus Acerbus and can go into a person and posses them temporarily.

    Physical attacks are useless to use on shadows because they can change into dark liquid but enchanted weapons will hurt them unless the weapon is enchanted with darkness. They have the ability to mold themselves into a shadow form of a object (sword ,spear, armor, etc) though this has its limits as it can only stay around the same total area of its normal size.((can…

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