• A broadcast from different news channels across the globe explains current developments around the world, with a special importance this week on a growing situation in Greece* 

The Greek people have been living in turmoil recently, with their economic turbulence and social unrest life has gotten a lot more difficult in the ancient nation known to many as the "Founder of democracy". We turn to our European affairs analyst now with some shocking developments in the Greek situation! 

  • The screen cuts and comes back to the analyst, standing in front of a green screen of Greece's capital city Athens* 

Now this is a really startling development in Greece as they've only just begun to climb out of the economic crises that swept through the country in 2009, and has been affecting the country for quite awhile now. From what we've been led to understand. The country has recently come under even more turmoil than the economic crisis had led it to. Reports came in last night from people on the ground and internet videos were uploaded of nameless para-military forces setting up bases in building, policing the population and even engaging in fire fights with local law enforcement. Now this is an absolutely shocking development on it's own. But what's even more shocking is that scheduled flights have been told by Greek airports NOT to fly through Greek airspace under and circumstance. This coming in with news that a flight that had landed in Athens early last night reportedly was turned away by airport employees. They were refueled by employees and then told to fly out of the country immediately. When the flight captain refused to depart from Athens, he was reportedly ordered by para-military gunmen similar to the ones in the videos on scene that the passengers would be murdered should he refuse to leave. The flight captain took off soon after and no air traffic has come in or out of Greece since. All attempts to contact the Greek government have been met with silence and the EU is shockingly silent on the situation at hand. More news will be available here as it develops. 

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