And so I stood, atop the precipise of the void mound. Having cracked before me the Searing-Dreamer, for their innards to speak freely to the un-earth below. My legions beneath me singing praise in euphoric rapture, and with ravenous love clawing over one another to sup upon the falling gifts from the vanquished. In their blood-mad cries of limitless adoration, their will became united and they spoke to me with one tongue. 

FEAST! They screamed, I looked upon the fallen, and again they did cry. FEAST! FEAST! FEAST! I was, and am, a loving guide, I could not look upon the faces of my flock and not relent to their demands. It was then that I did tear the Life-Nexus from that vanquished being, and with my jaws ripped one bite from it in ecstatic glee. 

But... it was in this moment of bliss that revelation did lick at my mind, in the vanquished I could see now myself, and in my hand I saw the key to the heavens made manifest. It was then that before my assembled fleet. I did breath back into the missing piece the domain of my mother, and, taking the now once again whole Life-Nexus in one hand. I did with the other cut out my own, throwing it to my flagship to be done with as will be done. Then, placing the vanquished in what piece of me I had removed, I did become as Sunderer and Mender. Divine of right, who has shattered paradox to forge their sphere.

I come now as liberator, know me and be whole again.

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