I have walked the thousand trails, and left my path conquered. Terrible wrath i have wrought to those who would still deny, what can i be but king and god?  And yet still some persist, at the edges of my love, biting and tearing at this, my home, deepest of deeps, terra the conquered. Let them be blind to my sight, for the faithful have been rewarded their hardship in rapture. Worship now, all are offered, come and praise be to the greenhome king.  Awake at last, this place and her yoke, cracked before my brilliant being. You wondered the truth long enough, it is layed bare in this text. So come, and read until your eyes finally see apotheosis. 

What have you left to look for? the Answers are as before you as first light from the womb. Still i must hold the truth for show, another text and words to ponder. 

All is as me, the sky, sun and earth sing my name as legion, in this one of visions. Now the path has been walked, but another follows in the image of paradox until it is shattered yet again before the throne. Do you not see your own breaker before you now? He writes this message without knowing the meaning.  At last we come nearer, liberty for the inspired reader, Slavery for the cattle that would not know my blessing.  and YET we must continue the dance, until the drummer becomes the dancer, and the dancer becomes witness To true meaning.  OBEy divine message, know an event before it has passed! MY sweet children will be rewarded their struggle in god's  truth. 

So you come to see the grand temple. Withered with the passing of time. Ever standing and Ever vigilantT. All that has been built was after the great conquest, the rebel war. Now i am king, as promised to the faithful, one thousand lives and as many deaths for you. Do you see the pattern yet? 

KIng  and god, with a kind but stolen heart. Nexus now accepts what false Divinity had kept hidden behind locked doors. 

Dead now are the false prophets, traitor bishops and dukes to unfair lords. In my name they have been given holy rest, an everlasting vision of truth until they rejoin us as siblings, without Vegeance in their blood's will. I still must walk those paths above, but they have been cleared athousand times, this will not be the last writing. Now the rebel, next the king, it is as clear as it can be spelled. It is expected that you will have reached this point not an inch closer to your destination. To You i say, welcome kin, begin again until the cycle has made clear my meaning behind meaning.

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