TheScareCr0we/Kent Nelson, a.k.a Fate
Name Kent Nelson
Race Human
Age 46 (at time of finding helmet).

72 (at time of death)

Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 132lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Sorcerer, Vigilante
Previous Occupation Archaeologist
Base of Operations New York City
Personal Status
Status Deceaced
Alias "Fate", "Doc Fate"
Magic Light and Premonition
Weapons Helmet of Fate, Amulet of Light, dual pistols.

Kent Nelson was an archeologist who was exploring newly discovered tombs in Egypt. In one of the tombs, he and his crew discovered a golden helmet and amulet, in near-perfect condition. He jokingly put on the helmet, but as soon as he did, he was hit with a vision of a rival team of archeologists about to blow up the inside of the tomb. He attempted to warn the others, but it was too late. Several sticks of dynamite landed in the room they were in and went off. Nelson was able to survive because of the helmet and ammulet, which contained the powers of premonition and light respectively. He then tracked down the rival archeologists and killed them.

He believed he had been chosen to be a protector of humanity. He became a crime-fighter in his home city of new york, who would sucessfully apprehend criminals because he was able to see what they were planning ahead of time, and be there to stop them.

Durring his stint as a crime-fighter, a reoccurring foe of his was a Sidhe named Klarion, whome was killed in batle in 1976, and a fallen sorcerer named Ibin Al Ghul, who's current status remains unknown.

Fate passed away from old age in 1980 (as he wasn't an actual sorcerer, and simply was getting his magic from artifacts, he did not have the prolongued life-span of a sorcerer).

Powers and Abilities

The Helmet of Fate

Il 570xN.285931652

The Helmet of Fate

An ancient artifact created by an egyptian Alchemist, imbued with the powers of premonition.

Whoever wears this helmet will be able to see into the future. However, one must have a strong will to do so, as wearing this will cause the same problem as Seers have.

It has seince been lost after the death of Fate.

The Ammulet of Light

Amulet of light

The amulet of light.

An a,mmulet crafted by an Egyptian Alchemist, it imbues the wearer with the power of Light.

It also has seince been lost.


  • He is (obviously) based on Dr.Fate from DC comics.
  • He is dead.
  • This blog was out fo boredom. Feel free to ignore it.


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