Name: Edwin Yharnam


Edwin's signature gun, usually used in conjuncture with his other signature weapon.

Race: Human

Affiliation: Rogue Secrets

Powers: Water, and Dark. Using the two together, he uses Blood Magic. He uses the Blood to heal himself and others and create weapons.



Edwin standing in his nightmare. Unusually holding the Cleaver in his left hand.

'Physical description:  Edwin Yharnam is a male character wearing: a black tricorn, a grey trench coat, a pair of brown leather boots, a pair of black gauntlets with golden ornaments and a reddish bandana covering his face

Personality: Edwin is a hardy character, but is alone.

Past: Hailing from an aristocratic past, Edwin spent much of his childhood alone. Falling ill to an unknown illness, his parents left care of him to a nurse. This nurse awakened the magic inside of him accidentally, when attempting to heal him as a child. This joy was short lived, however, as Edwin soon fell into a nightmare…


Edwin's signature weapon.

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