• Torquil

    Page Review!

    June 27, 2014 by Torquil

    Hello Everyone! and welcome to my first blog in a long long time,

    Well first things first, for those of you who don't know yet, I am back :D And will be trying my best to help out with the wiki. So, feel free to come ask me for or point out anything.

    Now the MAIN reason for this blog is to bring to your knowledge this wikis latest implementation, How to use it?, What not to do and Who is incharge of it.

    The aim of this template is to mark any page that needs to be reviewed or rewritten by an admin. For example a page with several errors or a plot that goes against the already established storyline, but having the potential to bring something exciting and new to this wiki.

    Simply click edit on the page you feel needs a revamp, and at the very t…

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  • Torquil

    True Alliance

    April 26, 2014 by Torquil
    UPDATED VERSON: True Alliance

    This is the OFFICIAL announcement bringing to light the multilateral talks between Audacia (Australia) and Tzahbohaboo (Japan). After negocian and through thought, the Triad of both the Secrets have decided that it is in both secrets best interests that we they collaborate under a united Name and Council.  Worshipers of Ishtara, Mother Fire is the sole Goddess of The Alliance and we will spread her name throughout the world. Every City, Town, Village in The Alliances Territory has a Temple of Fire dedicated to her. Each Temple offers her a tribute everyday. Mother Fire has also granted The Alliance's Alchemist, Torquil, the Inferno Sword.

    • User:UniTato - Beast Tamer
    • User:TerraPacem - Military General
    • User:Thatyello…

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