Grev gone for now-

  • Age: 210
  • gender: male
  • name : grevar vertrolo hunt
  • race : Wood elf / a sub-race of fae
  • Afillation: free lance and an interglactic hitch hiker
  • power: Tesla and fluter de lore
  • apirance: a tall fellow with long ears and a tail. He wears a long black duffle and has navey denane trousers. His fizique is very thin and boney but this dosen't mater as elves bones are stronger than human. He carys a tesla moded revolver and a klondji battle mashete odveosly tesla infuced. he carys a towle and a sauce pane in a holster in his duffle cout. he wears a slim under shirt of red. His face is very boney and usually lookes sinister to those how don't now his origin. Has two small sword on his hip and infuses them in electricity.
  • personality: hes very jokeing and sarcastic he has a sireous side to him as well when in battle he is usualy quite and gets the job done he is quite intelagent and has a nack (he dosent now) for solving mistorys.
  • past: He lived on the planet of gresolonet a forest planet were beings are well quordanated he stayed in school to the age of 180 by then he was mature and loked very tenagery and got a job in intersteller reserch and geometrics . after the wood elven race found interstela traval and joined the inter galactic empire. for a fue years he worked on geometrics untill the war batween the hertostins and the empire broke out and he dicided to join the war effet. at one battle of tellatron he got lost in the desert untill he was picked up by cargo ship hes bean hitch hicking ever scince.Now he has his own ship and space hops.
  • crimanal  record: countless ilegal hitches and drink flying.

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